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STATSdraft's NFL Week 17 public leagues are giving us heart eyes

NFL Week 17 from STATSdraft

NFL Week 17 brought even more growth to STATSdraft public leagues. After filling a second league for the first time in week 16, week 17 brought the need to add a fourth league to meet the demand! Heading into week 18 — and our last week before playoff pools begins — we are excited to see what the next month brings.

Top performing stats of NFL Week 17

1.81 points per game

Most rushing yards

1.75 points per game 

Most rushing attempts

Best quarterback rating

Most 3rd down %

1.69 points per game

Most passes defended

Most rushing first downs

1.63 points per game.

Most first downs

Most pass completions

Thursday night

In our Thursday night draft, Popper outpaced Palomba by one point. Popper’s pick of most passes defended led the way to victory. Palomba stayed close by picking the top stat of the week, most rushing yards. STATSdraft coFounders, Dustin Brown and Wretched, tied with the STATSdraft team for 103 points. One almost might start wondering if they have some special secret 😆. In proof of the power of consistency, Jeremy Dixon broke 100 even, though his top performing stat most field goal attempts only scored a 1.44 average. And in the "be careful writing checks your butt can’t cash" category, Noah went down hard after naming his team Bling Slayers. If you take a shot at the Bling you better not miss!

A Friday night fight

Yet again, proof that it pays to play more than once, yours truly was able to win our Friday night draft. Drafting two of the top stats of the week — best quarterback rating and most rushing attempts, which both graded out of the 1.75 — I was able to out pace my teammate JJ45, who put up 114 aided by most rushing yards, most passes defended. This league still had D, Farai, and Charryse all score over 100 in this high scoring league.

Sunday at noon

In our Sunday league that timed up with the opening kick off, we had a slate of new users. KMarshall25 outpaced me and Mo, who were followed by Shanacourtney, Adam Frantz, and Nick Rowan, who all scored over 100 in their first week playing.

Second Sunday league

After our third league filled up, we threw in an extra one and were able to draw in another player who showed us how it’s done. Kharyee won the 2 PM draft over me, STATSdraft Team, and Charryse. Scoring big with most passes defended, most yards per pass, and most offensive yards, they used their background as a coach to draft their winning team.

Only one more week till the playoffs

It’s been exciting watching our public leagues grow these last few weeks. Don’t forget, for all of you who have been playing and who have just discovered STATSdraft, you can create your own league and we will be offering playoff long seasons for you and your friends to compete in. Now is the time to get that last bit of practice in so you can will know the trends of all the winning teams heading into this playoff season.

As always, reach out to us on social media to let us know what you think and to ask any questions you might have. And if you have any friends who have been playing fantasy football, tell them about STATSdraft, invite them to play, and see if they know what it takes to win.


Download and start playing STATSdraft today.

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