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Thanks to our STATSdraft public league players and winners

Our public leagues are available to play.

Thanks to everyone for downloading the app, following us on social media, subscribing to our emails, and playing STATSdraft. In this start up stage, every like, click, opened email, league played or commissioned matters. 

As we prepare to head into the NFL playoffs, we thought it would be appropriate to do a little look back at the history of our public leagues. It's hard to believe it’s only been five weeks since we first beta tested STATSdraft with the NFL.

Week 11 beta 

Melody started off her early run with this first week. Becoming the Green Bay Packers of STATSdraft, she won this first championship. Myself, Palomba, Farai, and Dustin filled out the field. This was the first week we experienced someone joining a draft late — and that’s what led to Velle’s zero point production.

Our first back to back champ

Once again, Melody topped the field. Newcomers James Strickland, and Noah Drucker weren’t far behind and I took a major slide. Saluki Joe 2000 and SamC joined us to round out the field. jazz 2025 and Jerome jumped in too late to draft.

Finally one for the good guys

In a nail biter, I was finally able to unseat Melody by one point in week 13. This week, jaxx 2025 got in in time to draft, as did Shannon Clark.

NFL week 14, small, but mighty

Migration to invite-only leagues made week 14 our smallest yet. In a triumph of technology, our proprietary selection method known as "STATSdraft team" topped, Dustin, Melody, and myself.

Perfect 10

Not only did week 15 bring our first full public league, but it brought STATSdraft back to its original season when jaxx 2025 won. Side note: jaxx 2025 was the winner of the inaugural paper and pencil season of STATSdraft back in 2021. It was good to see him back on top. Palomba, Ben, Maren, Farai, and Jay rounded out the league for the week. Scores were tight and fairly evenly distributed.

Double the fun

For the first time ever, we filled two public leagues in week 16. It was a good thing, too, because I needed both tries to come out on top. The first league was won by Palumbo followed closely by the STATSdraft team and Shannon. Noah, Mo, Velle, and Seth rounded out the field. In the second league, I was able to outpace Shobe, jaxx 2025, pop-culture Pastor Dave Rembolt, Dustin, Farai, Jerome, SamC, and Velle. 

Here come the playoffs

As the NFL regular season ends we here at STATSdraft are preparing to set up playoff leagues so that we can all play as we watch the games together. Make sure you keep looking for public leagues in the app and spread the word by sharing a link to leagues with your friends. And if you get a second, give us a shout out on social media.

We’d love to hear from you about how your experience has been going and what topics you think we should tackle in our upcoming blog posts. It would also be a great way for you to ask any questions or clarify any confusion you have about the game. Heck, we might even be able to give you some tips just in time for your next draft. 😉


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