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Santa beats Swift as NFL Week 16 predictor

At STATSdraft, we like to hypothesize and then test our hypotheses. Of course, that also means that at STATSdraft, we have to face the music and own our predictions. This week, we’ll take a look at how our pop-culture statistics performed.

In a competetion between Santa and Taylor Swift on the NFL, Santa wins

Reputation versus proximity

This past week at STATSdraft, we speculated about the impact of Taylor Swift on the NFL as well as proximity to the North Pole. Using attendance at Taylor‘s Reputation tour as our SWIFTistic, we were able to track the correlation between attendance, distance, and the outcome of the games.

How did the Santa vs Swift NFL prediction turn out?

This week the Christmas spirit overwhelmed us. Starting off on fire, our Pole Proximity Prognosticator prevailed in all seven of its first games, ending up with a total of 10 wins and six losses compared to the SWIFTistics record of six wins and eight losses. It’s clear that this week, Santa is carrying the day. Interestingly enough, when both SWIFTistics and PPP chose the same team, the odds were split: four wins and four losses. In addition, in games where neither team had hosted a Reputation tour show, PPP was two and 0.

What are the odds this continues?

After our first week of Pole Proximity Prognostication, I’m left to wonder if this metric might continue to make a difference. As we enter the playoffs and the winter, residing in the northern city might actually give an on-field advantage to teams. That's especially true if the home team is the team closest to the Pole; the other team might be having to deal with weather conditions they are unaccustomed to. We’ll make sure we keep following these stats as long as you keep following our posts.

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