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Week 16 NFL analysis with a twist

One of the main reasons why I created STATSdraft was to find out what makes a difference in football. Of late, there’s been a lot of discussion surrounding much of football talk has been about subjects unrelated to football. Pop-culture — and culture in general — have always played a significant role in the communities that form around sports teams. That’s why we decided to delve into SWIFTistics with our Week 16 NFL analysis!

In our Week 16 NFL analysis, we are now introducing Swiftistics

Tracking wins based on Taylor's Reputation tour

We needed to find some statistic that we could use to compare these NFL teams, and the cities that they’re from. We decided to start with the attendance of Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour. Having tracked the attendance in every NFL city, we are able to compare them to see if having more attendance at your Swift shows actually has any correlation to your team's success. Here's what we found.

And the winner is...

Saints over Rams. If attendance at Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour makes a difference, we would expect this week’s winners to be Saints over Rams. LA got skipped by Taylor when she performed in Pasadena instead, giving the Saints clear victory with their 106,344 attendance.

Steelers over Bengals. Yet another story of a snub: Taylor played Cleveland and Columbus and skipped Cincinnati, so Pittsburgh’s 112,890 attendance takes the day.

Bills and Chargers, two sad luck franchises. In a coin toss, neither the Bills nor Chargers had a show for Taylor’s Reputation tour. Clearly, this game will end in a tie.

Titans over Seahawks. In the closest match up of the week the Titans got a victory 112,224 to Seattle’s 112,042

Texans over Browns. Another close match up the Texans edge the Browns by just under 5000.

Jets over Commanders. Neither of these teams has had a great season, but the Jets crushed it in their shared home of MetLife Stadium, drawing 331,308 to Washington’s 191,344

Poor Packers and Panthers. Yet another double snub toward both the Packers and Panthers, we could be seeing two ties this week.

Falcons over Colts. Atlanta easily rolls Indianapolis, 233,492 to 111,458.

Vikings over Lions. Another doubling: Minnesota drew 197,548 to Detroit’s 98,928.

Bucs over Jags. Jacksonville became another one of the snubs, so Tampa Bay walks away with this one 111,818 to 0.

Bears over Cards. In a battle of traditional rivals, the Windy City outdrew Glendale, 210,416 to 118,314.

Cowboys over Dolphins. The Dolphins continue their slide getting out attended 210,004 to 95,636.

Patriots over Broncos. In what was the most shocking total to me, Foxboro actually out drew every other American audience registering 349,528 attendees to Denver’s 114,280. If only the Patriots’ offense could put up those kinds of numbers.

The Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium was packed during Taylor Swift's Reputation tour.
In NFL week 16, we expect Taylor Swifts connections to Arrowhead, as shown in 2018, will lead to a Chiefs win. Photo courtesy Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs give Travis and Taylor a merry Christmas over the Raiders. In the game that really matters to everyone, Taylor’s affection for the Chiefs will charge them against the rival Raiders, who weren’t able to score a Vegas show from Taylor in 2018. There’s speculation abound that she might even be in the audience at Arrowhead on Christmas day, so this feels like the most secure pick of the week.

Giants over Eagles. Tommy DeVito needs to harness the power of Taylor and her 331,308 MetLife Stadium Swifties in order to be able to take down the Eagles and their 214,756.

49ers over Ravens. Though they are a powerhouse on the field, the Ravens were skipped over by the Reputation tour, so the 49ers walk away with this one 215,100 to 0.

Does anybody know how all this works?

People win office pools during March Madness by selecting the teams whose mascots they think looks the meanest. Some people will scour scouting reports, checking weather patterns and attempting to do as much research as possible to be able to make a decision. Here at STATSdraft, we say let’s have some fun with it, and then actually find out! I guess come Kwanzaa, we will have an idea of if SWIFTistics from the Reputation tour are the trends to trust.


Download and start playing STATSdraft today.

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