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Taylor and Travis — and Travis and Jason — mania returns to Kansas City

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

This images illustrates how the Kelces will go head-to-head and that it may be time for the parents of Taylor and Travis to meet

The entire Kansas City area is buzzing with excitement over the greatest match up in recent months. It's a clash of Titans. A pairing people across the globe have been waiting for. An event so highly anticipated, it may have unintentionally brought you to our budding website. That event? Travis Kelce's parents might finally meet Taylor Swift's parents.

I'm partially joking. The main event is the first rematch since Travis Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs brought home the championship title on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023 against his brother Jason's team, the Philadelphia Eagles. And there is a lot surrounding this upcoming game. First, let's recap.

The last Chiefs vs Eagles game was intense

With just over 12 minutes left on the clock in the fourth quarter, Patrick Mahomes lobbed an easy ball — on a play we now know as the Corn Dog Shuttle — to a wide open Kadarius Toney, who walked in a touchdown to tie the game 27-27. That was followed up with a one-point kick from Harrison Butker to bring the Chiefs ahead by one.

There was plenty of time for the Eagles to gain momentum, but the Chiefs put pressure on the offense, which led to a failed third down and a punt back to the Chiefs. Toney grabbed the ball with 10:27 still on the clock, and completed a massive run to set the Chiefs up for a 1st and Goal. The Chiefs kept having fun, pulling out a move called "The Pikachu Formation," their signature Ring-around-the-Rosie move, then rerunning another version of the Corn Dog Shuttle to Skyy Moore for another touchdown. Butker's one-point kick brought the score to 35-27.

The Eagles clawed back with 5:15 on the clock to score a touchtown, bringing the score to 35-33 before opting for a 2-point attempt to bring it to a tie, 35-35. In the next few minutes, the Chiefs edged closer and closer until Mahomes ran it to the 20 yard line with 2:45 on the clock. With under 2 minutes on the clock, it looked like the Chiefs might have a punt return back to the Eagles, but they were saved with a penalty flag on the defense. The Chiefs purposely wasted time, running time down to 11 seconds and giving Butker the final kick to take the win on a 27 yard attempt, bringing the score to 38-35 with 8 seconds on the clock. The Eagles just didn't have enough time left on the clock, leaving the Chiefs with the win.

The most memorable part of the game was when the Kelce brothers were seen hugging on the field, and when their mom came to give them both big hugs. As thrilled as she was for Travis, she was devastated for Jason. And this will be the first time since then she gets to see her sons play against each other again. Expect it to be another epic match up between these two brothers as the Eagles try for redemption.

Is it time to meet the parents of Taylor and Travis?

The last Chiefs vs Eagles game had Donna Kelce in the limelight. Known for her combo Kelce jersey where she proudly sports the numbers and colors of both of her boys, she'll no doubt be at the game Monday night. And according to numerous entertainment sites, Taylor Swift's parents will be there in person to meet Donna and the Kelce brothers' father, Ed. (Side note: Donna will be working at a Raising Cane's in Overland Park ahead of the game, because of course she is.)

Apparently, Scott Swift is a long-time Eagles fan, so it's no wonder he'd want to attend a highly-anticipated game where he could check out his daughter's new love interest, especially after he and Travis spent time together in Argentina.

There's the Taylor Swift rumor

There has been rumor that Taylor Swift would be in attendance with her parents. Her schedule seems to tell a different story. Taylor is slated to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for her Eras tour Sunday, Nov. 19 and Monday, Nov. 20.

Taylor is currently in Rio de Janeiro, where she performed Friday night. However, she postponed her Saturday night performance due to extreme heat after a fan died after her Friday show. PBS reports the heat in Rio de Janeiro was around 138 degrees Friday, which is a record high. Will she remain in Brazil or return home? She said she was devastated to learn a fan died, so I have a hard time imagining she'd head to Kansas City for football, but maybe it would do her some good to be around family, too. Not to mention that the whole world wants to see Taylor and Travis together anyway.

Kylie Kelce is hosting a Kansas City event for kids

On a happier note, and as if folks in the Kansas City and Philadelphia areas don't love the Kelce family enough, Jason's wife, Kylie, is hosting a field hockey clinic for elementary school kids in Kansas City while she's here.

Kylie played field hockey in college and earned All-CSAC First Team and CSAC champion titles. Kylie might be a die-hard Philly gal who killed it at field hockey, but Kansas City is welcoming her with open arms. It will be great seeing her and her daughters cheering on Jason and Uncle Trav.

The Battle of the Big 12 is on

The Kansas City metropolitan area is close to Lawrence, Kan., home to the University of Kansas, which is part of the Big 12. And this game will pin two Big 12 quarterbacks against each other. Patrick Mahomes attended Texas Tech and recently attended the Tech vs KU game in Lawrence, where he got to cheer on his former team to victory.

The Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts, transferred to Oklahoma, another Big 12 school, for his senior year of college in 2019. Mahomes was extremely clear earlier in 2023 when he said, "There’s a lot of great Big 12 quarterbacks coming out.” It's going to be an excellent game.

Are we missing anything on the list?

Is there something we're overlooking as the Chiefs and Eagles play Monday night? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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