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Pole Proximity Prognosticators: Is NFL team proximity to the North Pole indicate a win?

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Does NFL team proximity to the North Pole indicate a win? STATSdraft is testing the hypothesis.

It is that time of year again, where we get to enjoy snuggling with the kiddos on the couch while watching Christmas movies. As my family sat down to watch The Santa Clauses on Disney+, it dawned on me that perhaps there might be some correlation between proximity to the North Pole and the outcomes of this week's NFL games. 

Pole proximity prognostications

In an homage to the original fantasy football league, the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League of 1963, I have decided to call this statistic Pole Proximity Prognosticators. I will use PPP to pick this week’s games, choosing the team closest to the Pole as our projected winner much as I did with Taylor Swift's attendance when we looked at SWIFTistics.

Rams over Saints. Being only 3865 miles from the North Pole, LA stands above New Orleans’ 4140 miles.

Steelers over Bengals. In a close call, Pittsburgh beat Cincinnati 3424 miles to 3515 

Bills over Chargers. Buffalo easily takes this one 3255 miles to 3865.

Seahawks over Titans. Seattle walks away with this one, 2929 to 3719.

Browns over Texans. The Browns take this one, 3351 to 4162 

Jets over Commanders. In a close one, New York beats DC 3400 miles to 3531.

Packers over Panthers. Green Bay takes this one comfortably, 3142 miles to 3784.

Colts over Falcons. Indy wins this one over Atlanta, 3470 to 3886. 

Vikings over Lions. The twin cities win this one, 3110 to Detroit's 3293.  

Jaguars over Buccaneers. In-state rival Jacksonville edges Tampa, 4122 to 4287.

Bears over Cards. The Windy City wins this one, 3326 to 3901.

Cowboys over Dolphins. Dallas takes this one, 3953 to 4437.

Patriots over Broncos. Foxborough edges Denver, 3312 to 3472 miles 

Chiefs over Raiders. In addition to dressing in red on Christmas, Kansas City has PPP that measures out at 3518 versus their rival Raiders, 3719, giving the Chiefs the clear win.

Giants over Eagles. In another close rivalry match, New York edges the City of Brotherly Love, 3400 miles to 3458 miles from the Pole. 

Ravens over 49ers. In what could be a preview of the championship game, Baltimore’s PPP of 3503 edges San Francisco’s PPP of 3608.

We’ll see how it turns out

Now, to our favorite part of STATSdraft, testing the hypothesis! We’ll see how these games turn out and find out if they are more or less significant than the stats we’ve all been selecting when we play STATSdraft.

Play with us

Remember, after you download STATSdraft in the app stores, you can find me, Melody, and Dustin in the Public Leagues. Come play with us and use the chat feature to tell us what stats you think we should take a look at! 


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