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NFL Nickmas game catches our attention

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

When the NFL hosted its Toy Story Funday Football event in October, my six-year-old son, Jack, was pumped, and for good reason. Walt Disney and Pixar partnered with the NFL, fully animating the Atlanta Falcons and the Jacksonville Jaguars game that took place in London October 1 into the setting of Andy’s room in Toy Story.

Quite honestly, the entire event blew my mind as much as it did Jack’s. I loved seeing a tiny, animated Trevor Lawrence throwing the football and Jack cackled watching Slinky single-handedly act as the chain gang on the sidelines. The claw machine even spotted the football, which Topher loved and I was kind of bummed I missed while out running errands that day.

Prior to the NFL Nickmas game, Disney and Pixar hosted a Toy Story version of an NFL game.
Prior to the NFL Nickmas game, Disney and Pixar hosted a Toy Story version of an NFL game.

The NFL’s VP of brand and consumer marketing, Sarah Bishop, said the goal of simulcast events like Toy Story Funday Football was meant to help young viewers understand football. So when I learned Nickelodeon will be heading to Arrowhead Stadium on Christmas day for a new NFL Nickmas game, I was beyond excited.


The Kansas City Chiefs will play the Oakland Raiders, and Nickelodeon will be doing everything from sliming the audience, letting the Ninja Turtles toss pizza, and throwing snowballs. And I cannot wait to watch it with Jack.


I didn’t grow up in a football-loving house, and quite frankly, I still don’t understand some of the nuances of the sport. It took marrying a former football player to start developing the understanding I’m starting to get. That’s why sharing in these kid-friendly games is so much fun.


Nickelodeon even has positional breakdowns to help kids better understand the ins and outs of the players. It's been so much fun to watch, and I'm thrilled to get to learn the nuances of football alongside my kiddos.


And of course, I can’t wait for our kids to enjoy the NFL Nickmas game along with us. It's exciting to see what the NFL is doing to capture the attention of kids, and parents like me.


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