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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions you'd like to know that aren't answered below? Shoot us a message and let us know what we can answer for you.

Is this just for nerds?

One. Everyone is a nerd for something!

Two. Not even remotely! You can build your team out of selections like who won the coin toss, who got the ball first, who has the shortest player, and any other designation that can be tracked.

Does it only work in playoffs or can I play all season?

In its early phases, STATSdraft has been a game played in the playoffs when you can no longer play fantasy football. As our team has developed the technology for a mass player experience, we are open to any ideas of how we might best allow our users to have fun while watching their favorite sporting events. If you would like to join early beta test teams, click here so that we can work together to make stats draft the best version of itself possible.

When, and for what sports, can I play?

STATSdraft works for all sports, in all leagues, and at all times games are being played and documented. We are currently planning to beta test it with cricket, football, and basketball. There are many options of playing methods you can use, from the year long league play to individual challenge matches for specific games, to the original form of stats draft where the playoffs are your leagues season. We are always open to new ideas on how to make our game more fun so if you have any ideas please e-mail us.

What do you need from an investor?

Currently we are connecting with investors in the sports and tech arenas who can help us expand our reach. If you are in those areas or if you have a unique way that you can help us with capital, connections, and attention we would love to hear from you. Contact our team.

When can I play my first league?

Beta leagues are currently forming click here to join. With the help of these leagues we should be ready To launch stats draft for football playoffs 2023, sign up to get your league ready here.

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