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Week 15 pre-game spotlight analysis: Bills and Cowboys

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

week 15 pre-game spotlight analysis: Bills and Cowboys

My pre-draft strategy went up in smoke when I got caught in a conversation with a leather worker about custom barefoot cleats. Fortunately, I had taken the time to select my favorites so auto draft still helped me field a pretty decent team. I always like least penalties in situations where I think the margins will be tight. Especially without anyone having taken any turnover stats, I think penalties will be our indicator of clean play and I think the team that plays the cleanest in this game will end up winning.

I really like Nathan’s team given the specific game we're looking at. Converting on third down and big plays are definitely a part of the recipe when these teams win. Nathan also balanced out those pics with his least third down attempts and most offensive plays. A team that can get a lot of plays and big chunk plays as well as not having to get to third down often but converting when they do is going to be an efficient team that’s hard to beat.

Tyler‘s first STATSdraft team is one after my own heart. Efficient quarterback play is always integral in the NFL, because both of these teams run through their quarterbacks, QB rating will definitely play a big part. Of course I always love most rushing attempts. In this game it’ll be interesting to see how the quarterbacks contribute to the rushing attack. Both of these quarterbacks are highly capable in both designed runs and scrambling. I have to say I see Buffalo as the kind of team that will go for two so Tyler’s picks of least two point conversions and most extra points makes me think his best chance at winning will be a Dallas victory.

This is going to be a good game. I think both of these teams are surging at the right time. Buffalo seemed to really coalesce behind their embattled coach and Dallas’ change in playcalling to head coach Mike McCarthy seems to have created some accountability in the Cowboys organization that has long been missing. I think Dallas’ ability to pressure Josh Allen, and their ball hawking secondary are going to be major storylines. If Allen can go superhero mode like he’s so apt to do he might be able to get Dallas’ DBs to jump on routes while Allen extends the play to get his receivers open. If he can slide Micah Parsons and the Cowboys pass rush the Bills are gonna be a problem.


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