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49ers vs Eagles analysis through the lens of STATSdraft

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

49ers' Brock Purdy throws the football during their win over the Philadelphia Eagles.
49ers' Brock Purdy throws the football during their win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Photo courtesy San Fransicso 49ers.

Nathan's picks

*QB rating 123.5-82

xMost completions 25-36

*Most 1st downs 24-23

xMost plays 70-82

*Yards/ pass 8.1-5.4

Topher's picks

*Rushing attempts 28-18

*Rushing yards 146-47

*Rushing 1st downs 12-2

*Most 20+yard passes 5-3

*Most passing yards 310-287

Other noticeable stats

*Passes defended 16-2

*40+yd passes 2-0

Topher's 49ers vs Eagles analysis

The results are in from our STATSdraft spotlight game. In our 49ers vs Eagles analysis after the game was over, I have to say it turned into a lopsided affair. I was able to hit on all of my stat selections, while Nathan hit on three of his five.

I do have to say I think it’s interesting that both Nathan and I pointed out potential ex factors in the game and we were both correct. I predicted that a big game from Brock Purdy could make the difference and skew things in Nathan‘s favor. While Nathan said, he thought a big game from McCaffrey on the ground and a well executed game plan by Perdy could allow my rushing stats to pay off.

As I was watching the game, I couldn’t help but notice it felt like the 49ers were operating on time while the Eagles were extending plays, and never being able to find answers through the air. Jalen Hurts seemed to have plenty of time in the pocket, but couldn’t manage to get rid of the ball in time to avoid pressure. My prediction of a strong rushing attack opening up big plays proved true. In addition to having a 5 to 3 advantage and most 20+ yard passes, the 49ers also won the super deep for scoring with most 40+ yard passes to the zero. Rushing yards were wildly lopsided as were attempts, and I believe it was their commitment to the run and use of play action that allowed the 49ers to create those big plays.

The 49ers are a team that, when working at their best, find a multitude of ways to take advantage of their players skill sets. Motions were used to get tight ends in full backs leverage in the run blocking. Wide receivers were put in motion so that they could make it to the edge on jet sweeps while defenders are being forced to run side to side. And they throw so many formations that it becomes hard to easily define what position their players play. This ability to create uncertainty in a defense is something the 49ers seem prime to exploit heading into the playoffs.

Undrafted stats and side stories of note

As I mentioned earlier, pass plays a 40+ yards was easily won by the 49ers 2 to 0. Also of note was the fact that they won passes defended 16 to 2. In a storyline that I think will play out as the playoffs come to be, the spotlight game and the league at large had different tendencies. Doing our spotlight game, I scored on all my selections. However, at the end of the evening game on Sunday, I sit in a nearly impossible position to come back. So while I won the STATSdraft spotlight game, Nathan's selections were more relevant league-wide.  

Nathan's 49ers vs Eagles analysis

This game came down to quarterback efficiency. Jalen Hurts wasn't terrible, but he certainly needed to be more efficient. Brock Purdy completed seven fewer passes yet had three more touchdowns and 16 more yards than Hurts. The 49ers nearly doubled up the Eagles' yards per pass while the Eagles had 12 more plays than the 49ers.

The 49ers utilized their multi-dimensional offense to successfully attack the Eagles' defense through the air and on the ground. They were plenty effective with their run game to trounce the Eagles' minimal run offense. The 49ers were also the more explosive team in the air to confirm Topher of all five of his correct selections for this matchup.

I feel let down that the Eagles were so inefficient on offense. Hurts was 26 of 45 passing, which was a completion percentage of about 10% less than his season average. With a more efficient offense, the Eagles might not have won, but they certainly would have kept themselves in the game. Instead, they fell from a 6-0 first-quarter lead to getting blown out on home turf.


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