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Spotlight Game week 13 post-draft

Updated: Dec 20, 2023


Topher takes it old school by writing data picks for Spotlight Game week 13 down on index cards.


I wanted to go back a little old school to assess this draft with Nathan so I wrote out our teams on an index card, which is the original platform STATSdraft was played on. Seeing them next to each other, I definitely see unique personalities in both of our selections. I really like Nathan‘s late round pick of first downs. An offense that can move the chains is hard to stop. And both of these teams are known for being physical teams that wear you down because you just can’t keep them from getting 10 yards. In the Eagles case 9 yards seems to be enough #BrotherlyShoveLove.

Nathan, I could see you having a big game from Brock Purdy be what gets your team over mine. The quarterback rating encapsulates some of the turnover issues that might be able to plague one of these teams. I am kind of surprised neither of us took a turnover stat. 


This is an intriguing matchup between two quality teams. While the Eagles aren't the shiniest team out there, they have proven that they know how to get the job done.

I think the quarterback play is going to be a huge factor in determining the winner of this game. If Jalen Hurts can put together a good, clean game then I like the Eagles' chances. But if the Eagles don't take their chances, I think the 49ers are good enough to kill off the game with a quality passing and running game.

I can't help but notice Topher's two major themes: rushing and passing. With three rushing-based picks, Christian McCaffrey may play a big part if he is to come out on top. McCaffrey is definitely a player who can break tackles to earn those extra yards for first downs. In the passing game, a big game for Brock Purdy could put all the pieces together.


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