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New app who dis?

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

The STATSdraft app has new features available, including invite and chat features

Every week — and nearly every day — our CTO, Dustin Brown, has it been able to add amazing features to the STATSdraft app. With this article series, I want to take some time to Muse about some of them.

Howdy stranger, wanna play?

The new invite function in team lineup view has me really excited. The other day I used it to send out invites for the Enneking family league I do on Wednesdays. The ability to stay in-app and simply tab to invite really flipped the switch for me.

Old leagues, new friends?

The interaction that first inspired the invite function had been a public league we created where a person I did not know was playing. I kept thinking about that person. I can’t remember if they beat me or what stats they picked, but I did wish I could invite them to play with me again. I wondered if our shared interest in sports and statistics might bring us into community. Wait... What am I doing writing about it? I’m gonna go invite them to join the league with me. Hold on I’ll be right back...

Come join the league with me

I feel much better now. Hey, if you’ve played and enjoyed STATSdraft, catch me in one of the public leagues under Topher Enneking and invite me to one of your leagues. Dustin is working on getting chat up soon, so you could even use it to let me know what you think of the game, and any suggestions you might have to make it more fun or easier to use. Most importantly, thanks for playing STATSdraft with us.


Download and start playing STATSdraft today.

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