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College Football Week 8: New Features and Improvements

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

We had a great Week 7! Thanks to everyone who participated. We learned a ton of things having our first week with apps live in both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Here is what our team has cooking for college football Week 8

Pick your own stats if you join a league after the draft completed

If you joined a public league in Week 7 after the draft you probably found yourself asking, "Now what?" You were automatically assigned stats and placed in the league. Honestly, you were probably drafted some real stinkers! You might as well have played "Least Points Wins." Starting in Week 8, players joining after the draft will be able to choose their own stats from the ones remaining.

See team rank next to the team names anywhere a game is shown

You probably all have the top 25 memorized at any given time. For those of us that have, say, spent every free hour building a really cool fantasy sports app, we need a little help. Next to every team in a matchup we will show their rank if they are in the top 25. We are also exploring showing the spread to help you have a better guess at what may happen and how it affects your stats and your team.

More app alerts

In the off chance you aren't watching every game in your season, we will (optionally) alert you when a game ends so you can come check out your updated league standings.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

No new software is perfect... We try, but there will always be a few things we can do better.

  • Some leagues in Week 7 got marked as complete before our stats provider had the latest complete info. This caused a few leagues to have incorrect final standings.

  • For some geeky reasons you probably don't care about, the completed badge in your league picker showed up early in some cases and late in others... Oops!

  • As you join and complete more leagues, that league picker is going to get cluttered fast. Time for us to clean that up a bit and give you some better options for picking your league.

  • The stats view for a given game can be made more clear. Once we have a winner we will update the list so it is obvious where you got points and where you didn't.

Not playing yet? It's a great week to start!

Download the app today and invite your friends to get started drafting stats for college football Week 8. We'd love your feedback to help us work through bugs and come up with great new ideas for STATSdraft.


Download and start playing STATSdraft today.

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