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49ers vs Eagles pre-draft insights

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

49ers vs Eagles pre-draft insights

It's 30 minutes before Nathan's and my draft for a spotlight game. This week we are spotlighting the 49ers vs Eagles matchup as I think those are likely Championship contenders and will typify the sort of football that needs to be played in the playoffs to win.

Own your bias

For those of you who don’t know, I was an offensive lineman. I played in a triple option offense in high school in the '90s and blocked for great Jayhawk running backs like June Henley and personal favorite Mitch Bowles (FRESHPUP!!!) in college. This perspective on football is how I was formed, and as I have looked back on early drafts of mine, they all love the running game. During our regular drafts, my intent is to cast a wide net and not pinpoint a specific game. Because of that, I have gone away from the running game, but I let Nathan know using our new chat feature that that was going to be my strategy early. We’ll see if he wants to duke it out for the best rushing stats.

Why I think they win

Both the 49ers and the Eagles are very similar to me, though their players might have different skill sets, and their styles and strategies might be unique. They are both organizations with deep stability and tradition. They are the kinds of organizations that take pride in doing things the right way. That’s why you will rarely see a 49ers or Eagles team give things away with penalties or turnovers. Though I did look back and the Eagles' only loss this year was to the Jets where they turned the ball over quite a bit. If one of these teams is able to get a significant advantage in turnovers or penalties, especially on third down, I could see that being a difference maker. Of course, the Eagles vaunted running attack is a weapon that’s impossible to overestimate.

Time to get ready for the 49ers vs Eagles draft

I can sit here all day and pontificate about what I think wins but let’s be honest the best part about STATSdraft is that you get to put your hypothesis to the test. Time to go get ready for this draft against Nathan. After the draft, we’ll write a piece predicting which one of our stats we see carrying us to victory, or being the thing that our opponent uses to overtake us.


Download and start playing STATSdraft today.

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