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Geared Up For The NCAA Tournament

I grew up in the college town and so the NCAA tournament has always been a seasonal part of my life. Even without paying attention to the news, you can know when a game day occurs in Lawrence, Kansas because Jayhawks start rocking that blue.

It's remarkable how connected you can feel to your community just by seeing somebody else walk across the street wearing your team's colors. So to help Jayhawk nation gear up for hopeful runs to the championships, I found some cool gear so that you can have a different fit for each round.

Jayhawk basketball

KU women’s basketball team has been having another good year and look well positioned to make a tournament run. The program has been benefiting from some attention due to Lynette Woodard finally getting her flowers. In this historic year where women’s basketball is getting so much attention thanks to Caitlin Clark, be ready for the March 7 tip off of the big 12 tournament with this kick ass hoodie that will let everyone know you’re a part of rock chalk nation.

As usual here in Kansas, the temperature goes from warm to cold in the snap of a finger so I wanted to make sure you’re ready to stay warm while waving the wheat with a couple of Jayhawk hoodies. Available in three colors, this hoodie will have you ready for all those late night victories that have us wanting to take to the streets.

Now that you’re all geared up with hoodies for the chilly mornings and nights of Jayhawk basketball, you’re ready for something to layer underneath. This basketball heart design is available in a long sleeve, T-shirt, and tank top. No matter what season it ends up feeling like on game day you’ll be ready to represent your love for the Jayhawks with this unique design

A little piece of Lynette

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include something for all the Lynette Woodard fans old and new. You can read more about her story in this hardcover book. And for those who’ve been seeing the old pics of Lynette as a Globetrotter and wish they could look that cool, these red, white, and blue wrist bands are your best bet. Remember Lynette wore one around each bicep, elbow, and wrist so this 12 pack will have you and your favorite teammate looking good, feeling good, and fanning good.

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