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Giving Coach Staley Her Flowers

This week we wanted to celebrate Coach Dawn Staley getting her flowers for leading South Carolina to another national championship. So we thought we would share our favorite LEGO flowers so you can give them to the champions in your life. To help me pick the best sets I brought in our resident LEGO experts, Francesca Eloise Enneking, and Jack Oliver Enneking-Alexander.

For the gamers

Jack knew right away that the piranha plant was the build he would pick first. He’s had several iterations of piranha plants from mini LEGO builds to Christmas tree ornaments and my guess is any gamers you know would similarly love this build. With a poseable head, mouth, stick, and leaves this build isn’t just to look at, it's to be played with. There are even two coin elements in this set.

Feed me Seymour

That’s right Francki chose the iconic Audrey II piranha plant from “Little Shop of Horrors” which is now a LEGO build. With a mouth that opens this is another LEGO build that can be played with. I’m sure having this on your desk will get  you singing in that iconic Audrey II voice. Just be sure not to get too close if you have a cut on your finger 😉.

Tiny plants, big fun

There’s something about a tiny, cute little plant in its own little pot that I love. With this LEGO build kit you’ll get nine such beauties. From tiny flowers made of butterfly bits to succulents, cacti, and cute carnivores this set has a little something for everyone. The creative use of classic LEGO bricks, with cool unique pieces, combine to make these design’s details pop. Whether it’s the pitcher plants or the pistols in the flowers, these LEGO kits have details that draw you into their tiny world.

From everyone at STATSdraft, congratulations Coach!!!

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