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3 Items To Make Your Super Bowl Sunday Perfection

The teams playing in the Super Bowl aren’t the only ones that need to be preparing! All around the country, millions of us will gather with friends and family to watch the big game.

We thought we would take a little time to tell you about some of our favorite finds that will help put the finishing touch on your Super Bowl party so here are our 3 things you need for the Super Bowl.

Image with 11 gold, white, and red pillar candles.

A longtime fixture in our hometown of Lawrence, Kan., Waxman Candles has been making custom creations that fit the moment for decades. In honor of the Chiefs making it to the Super Bowl they are now offering the KC Spirit Layer Column. Yellow, white, and red, this candle will take you through the perfect game day, experience with scents of fresh fields, leather, and touchdowns.

A bottle of mike's hot honey sits next to a pile of bone-in wings

I first came across this treat when it was gifted to me for Christmas. Since then 2024 has been filled with spicy honey flavors. When preparing for your Super Bowl, this honey would make an amazing glaze for chicken wings and it’s a great thing to top off pizzas too. I’m sure during the game you’re going to be tempted to try it on everything.

image of table top football game with small footballs you can fling into field goals

Why leave the competitive fun to the professionals? You and your friends and family can get into the game with the Franklin Sports mini football tabletop game. There are a million ways this game can add fun to your event. Maybe this is how you decide who gets up to get the next round of drinks or maybe it’s how you get your kids involved in the excitement of the game. Either way this game is sure to provide a little boost of fun to your party. Make sure you huddle with the team!

One of the coolest things about the Super Bowl is how even our parties to watch it are team events. Whether it’s a potluck or BYOB event, everyone is going to bring their own special flair to the day. So don’t forget to connect with your friends and family about what they are bringing. Tell them about our 3 things you need for the Super Bowl and ask them what their top 3 are. Hopefully it will help you partner up and create something unique and special for your gathering. And don’t forget, the best part of the Super Bowl is sharing it, so tag us in a post from your gathering. We can’t wait to share the day with you!

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