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NFL Week 18 StatStories

Chris Jones celebrates with his fellow Kansas City Chiefs after his 10th sack in NFL Week 18.
Speaking of most sacks... The Kansas City Chiefs' Chris Jones earned a $1.25 million bonus for 10 sacks over the season. Photo courtesy Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL Week 18 brought a change in the top scoring STATSdraft STATS. It was likely a byproduct of so many teams having sat their starters and playing a different style of ball. It’s hard to tell if these STAT trends will continue in the playoffs. They include:

1.69 points per game 

least fourth down attempts

1.63 points per game 

most third down percentage, best quarterback rating

1.56 points per game 

most pass completions, most rushing attempts

1.5 points per game 

least penalty yards, most third downs, most passes defended

1.44 points per game 

most punt return yards, fewest tackles, least fourth down percentage, most punt returns.

1.38 points per game 

most sacks, most sacks yards, most interceptions, most offensive plays.

In a major shift from last week, the top performing STAT of NFL week 18 was least fourth down attempts. Week 17's most productive STAT, rushing yards, fell way out of the top 10. Most punt returns, most punt return yards, most sacks, and most sack yards pushed their way into the top performing STATS list, as well as least penalty yards, most passes defended, least tackles, least fourth down percentage, and most offensive plays.

Consistently relevant

Six STATS appeared in both week 17 and 18 top performer lists. Best quarterback rating and highest third down percentage tied for most productive over week 17 and 18 followed by most rushing attempts, most pass completions, most third downs, and most interceptions. This could be the group of STATS to target for your NFL Playoffs drafts!

Rushing straight off a cliff

In what was the most shocking performance by a STAT, week 18 saw rushing yards lose more than a half a point per game, falling from its leading position at 1.81 points per game in week 17 to just 1.25 in week 18. It’s interesting that rushing yards would fall so significantly while most rushing attempts maintained its position near the top. This difference between attempts and yardage will be interesting to watch play out over the playoffs. Especially if a team like Detroit can make a run deep into the playoffs. One would imagine the running game will be what moves them to victory.

Which game in NFL Week 18 best represented these top stats?

In Week 18, it was the Steelers versus Ravens that shined with the top stats from STATSdraft. Melody also noted that most sacks was #5 and the Chiefs' Chris Jones hit sack #10 for the season, which earned him a nice little $1.25 million bonus.

NFL Week 18 Steelers versus Ravens statistical data.

Playoffs, here we come

The NFL playoffs are upon us. This is the season STATSdraft was made for. As the margins are at their tightest and the stakes at their biggest, now is when we find out what matters. The offensive lineman in me always thinks that a running game is going to matter most and execution via turnovers and penalties always become of primary importance during playoff scenarios. Join a Public League or Commission your own and find out the fun way!


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