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2024 WNBA Draft Recap

In the most anticipated WNBA draft of all time, the potential storylines didn’t disappoint. Though the early picks had very little drama around them the way that they reshaped the league turning rivals in teammates and teammates in the rivals is sure to bring entertainment for fans for years to come. 

Big spotlight big story

As anticipated, the Indiana Fever selected Caitlin Clark with the first pick of the draft. Already the Fever have seen their number of televised games go from one last year to 36 in the upcoming season. But the excitement is going to extend well beyond Clark. Last year‘s number one pick and WNBA rookie of the year Aliyah Boston also plays for the Indiana Fever. Boston had lead South Carolina to an undefeated season last year until they were defeated in the NCAA tournament by Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes. These two competitors now cooperating on the same team is going to bring an inside outside dynamic that will be exciting to watch for years to come. It was clear to see the excitement on both women’s faces as they got to see each other at the draft event.

The god sister of rim protectors

With the second pick of the draft, the LA Sparks selected Cameron Brink from Stanford. Brink lead the nation in blocked shots and has long been considered one of the best defenders in the game. But the thing that shot Brink up draft boards to number two is how much her offensive game has evolved in her time at Stanford. Likely due in large part to the fact that Steph Curry is the son of her godparents and her parents are Stephen Curry‘s godparents, Brink spent time working on her range and shows great promise at being able to evolve her offensive game to match her elite abilities on defense. 

Coming up Aces for this Hawkeye

Kate Martin was one of many Iowa teammates that attended the WNBA draft with Caitlin Clark. Being in the room paid off when she was selected in the second round by the league champion Las Vegas Aces. With her skill set and ability to play a role for a championship team, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Kate trying to lock up Caitlin in a WNBA playoff game in the near future.

Rock chalk, Jayhawk

KU’s very own Taiyanna Jackson was drafted in the second round by the Connecticut Suns. Considered second only to Cameron Brink as a shot blocker. Taiyanna will get a chance to work with a veteran front court to develop her offensive skills so that she can be a meaningful contributor for years to come.

For the love of the game

I’ve seen many draft events in my life, and this one felt unique. Of course the spotlight is new to a women’s draft, but I think the thing I noticed the most was the stark difference in culture between this draft and others I have seen. Perhaps it’s the size of the league or the fact that we’ve come to know these players over pandemic extended careers, but it just felt like every story touched each other one. At every turn, players you’d only ever seen compete against each other were embracing each other with the joy of being newfound teammates. College teammates were exploding in tears and smiles as friends were being selected. All around there was just a general sense of joy for the accomplishment of others and a profound respect for the moment we were all experiencing. Here’s to hoping this becomes an annual event that we all embrace like we have this year.

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