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Fitted Out: The KC Monarchs

Updated: Feb 21

One of the coolest things about sports is that they can connect us to our past. With that in mind this week, we'll be looking into the Kansas City Monarchs, a Negro League baseball team that is still making an impact in Kansas City.

Sports is about community and one of the most accessible ways fans can show their membership in that community is by wearing team apparel. Not only does this team apparel identify us as a fan, it also identifies us as someone who is a part of something much larger. 

red and white striped KC Monarchs hat

The iconic, white and red Kansas City Monarchs hat is one of the most identifiable sports franchise hats there is. The red piping and the subtle outline around the K & C add a complexity to this simple design. You’ll look just like one of the Monarch greats when you wear this hat.

White Hoodie with red capped sleeve and KC Monarchs logo on the front

In a modern take on this traditional team's apparel the white and red Kansas City Monarchs hoodie is sure to impress. Beautiful details like a heart with KC on it, raised lettering, and embroidered logos take this simple hoodie and elevate it into a statement piece. One of my favorite touches is the Negro League Baseball Museum logo on the front pocket. Not only will this hoodie keep you warm, it'll make you feel like a major leaguer.

KC Monarchs letter jacket

There are a few things more classically sport than the leather sleeve jacket. This KC Monarchs version is a beautiful example of how traditional attire can be brought to life in a modern way. Embroidered logos on the leather sleeves, commemorative patch, and leather lining around the pockets, provide this jacket with all the elegant touches you would expect from a classic style. Wherever you go in this jacket you are sure to draw attention.

Book Cover

Wearing this amazing Monarchs apparel is certain to have people asking questions so make sure you are ready to answer by purchasing “The Kansas City Monarchs: champions of black baseball” by Janet Bruce. Filled with stories of the Monarchs' history and the great players that have played for them, this book will connect you to the past of this great franchise and will inform your fandom.

Sculptures set on a baseball diamond inside the Negro League Baseball Museum

The KC Monarchs were so integral to the Negro League that the Negro League Baseball Museum is housed in Kansas City. So don’t forget to stop in for a visit the next time you are in Kansas City so you can immerse yourself in the history of this great league and the role it played in the history of baseball as a whole. Book your tickets to visit the NLBM here!


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