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Are you smarter than a second grader?

Jack says, "This could be you at Johnnys."

In our final beta before the official launch of the Johnny’s Tavern STATSdraft collaboration, Jack Oliver Enneking-Alexander won while playing his first ever game of STATSdraft. I helped Jack to select his stats by asking him questions like, “Do you like it when they shoot the ball from up close or from far away?” and “Do you like it when someone misses a shot and they grab the rebound or when someone tries to shoot and they block it?” He selected his stats from some choices his answers matched. To be honest, Jack seems more the type that will end up designing a teams mascot and being a team animator, not being an analytics guy, but it was really cool to get to go through this idea of taking a true novice through the things that they could notice and having them beat all the adults in the room.

Cannon Phillips a.k.a. Johnny Tsunami fell from his perch after an early victory last week. Cannon is the one who facilitated this collaboration and has been there along with Melody and I as we help Dustin to test the tech and better learn the environment so that STATSdraft can provide the most exciting experience. My baby sister, Lil Ennequeen, played for the first time from Oregon as did DaOro#24 and Ricky Smith. Wait till y'all see Ricky’s STATSdraft video 🤯. It was really neat, watching an important sporting event and seeing the names on the scoreboard be friends and family.

I also ran into an old friend, Phillipe McCree, who STATSdraft will be profiling soon so that you can hear the story of the decades worth of work he’s been doing developing young female basketball talent and letting them be heroes to each other and their people. It feels appropriate that as STATSdraft is bringing me back into these public spaces, it would reconnect me with people I shared those spaces with when I worked in them, too. Of course now all that’s left of the Ranch that Phillipe and I worked at is a Starbucks. #ThisIsAmerica

The next three weeks

In STATSdraft seasons, the summer is segmenting into three week chunks. The next three weeks we will be doing Tuesday night WNBA leagues at Johnny’s with exclusive in-app specials and STATSdraft leagues so everyone can play along while we watch the games. During the WNBA’s Olympic break, we will have Olympic soccer leagues available for lunchtime Johnny’s fans. I know one of the things that I’ve really appreciated about Johnny’s is how we can do adult things like trying to develop a business while bringing our families along. If you’ve got a little ones, bring them on Tuesdays to start a new tradition: two dollar tacos and all the traditions Johnny’s has been serving up since 1953.

There’s gonna be a lot of other news to share in the upcoming week, so I’ll keep it short. Come on down to Johnny’s on Tuesday, July 2 to watch Angel Reese at 6 p.m. and Caitlin Clark at 8:30 p.m. You’ll be able to play STATSdraft along with the games and see if you know basketball as well as a second grader.



Download and start playing STATSdraft today.

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