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STATSdraft. See the data that matters.

Let's get to it. Download STATSdraft today for Apple and Android devices.

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The App

What is STATSdraft?


Think like a coach, not a GM.

STATSdraft is a game that reveals what makes a team more than the sum of its parts.

This sports gaming app shows how teamwork is necessary to win. Real teams aren't created by piling up individuals, they're created by how those individuals work together. With STATSdraft, you get to build your team based on the disciplines you believe create a winning culture.

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STATSdraft isn't just a game. It's a learning tool, all revolving around the only statistic that matters to everyone: who wins or loses.

If fantasy is the who, STATSdraft is the how.

Compete against friends or colleagues

Think you know what it takes to win? Compete against friends and fellow sports fans to see who knows the game best.

It's like a game you've already played, but better

It's the same structure as fantasy sports, with drafts and seasons and playoffs. But unlike fantasy, it focuses on the statistics that determine winnings.

Focus on the reality of results when the fantasy is over

Because STATSdraft is focused on parts of the game and not who is participating, you can play STATSdraft when the games really matter: during the playoffs.

How the App Works


Create a Team to Compete Against

Grab your friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors who want to compete for the title of STATSdraft winner. Similar to fantasy sports, you'll do a snake draft to choose the stats you believe will best determine what sets the winning culture for that particular sport.



Watch the App During Games to See Who Wins

The app will update with scores as data becomes available. Watch at the end of the game to see who won. And unlike fantasy sports, you can play STATSdraft during tournament time.

About Us
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Our Story

STATSdraft was created to bridge understanding.

It all started prior to the NFL playoffs in 2021. When a group of friends argued over who would win it all, we came up with a way to analyze what parts of the game make certain teams more likely to win. After two years of playing, we had so much fun we wanted to share. Welcome to STATSdraft.



"Losing in STATSdraft? Don't hate the player, hate the game."

Farai Rusinga

“Well, it got my friend to stop saying stupid stuff like, 'The Dallas Cowboys are going to win it all this year!'”

Topher Enneking

“Bill Self told me the top four stats for teams that win. Want me to share? Too bad! I'm keeping them all to myself because I want to win."

Melody Alexander

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